The Rose Queen

I found this doll at the bottom of a bag. She was in pieces and everyone commented on how ‘creepy’ she looked. In a way, I felt like I needed to make it my mission to show them all how beautiful she is. It’s funny how names we were called in school still stick with us adults I have allowed ignorant words to shape me, and believed others opinions of me without those people even knowing who I was. At almost 50, I have discovered that anyone can shape themselves and create themselves to be anything they want. Our boundaries are only a fictional wall that our minds have built. We are the artists. I’m enjoying this new outlook I have on my life now and watching my dolls blossom and transform as I create them, has given me a joy that cannot be explained.

Features: The dolls head was cracked, so I added a layer of painters tape and blue work paper towels so strengthen it. I then built up rose petals all around her head. Two leafy arms were added, and then I added a red bird to help complete the birdhouse violin. On the inside circle, I made a broken heart and ‘mended it with pins and gauze. The front of the violin has a row of vintage maroon beads nestled on top of a row of faux diamonds. I designed a cape and added my finest trim. The legs are made with bendable wire inside a poly-fil filling. Little shoes and ribbon flowers were added for the perfect finishing touch.

slippers for the queen

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